Raven is doing really well!

Stitches out on Wednesday, whew I never thought he’d heal after that seroma battle.

We had company yesterday and I think he really overdid it. It was great to see him happy, bouncing, wagging his stubby. Friends couldn’t believe it, they’d heard he had cancer/amputation and he blew away their expectations. 🙂 I am posting videos over on Hopping Around Forum on occasion, so check over there. Today he’s resting and sleeping all day, but understandably.

Raven’s favorite place was in the bed. It’s an antique bed that was my Grandma’s, so it is very tall. He can’t get up onto it now without help after his amputation. So, he waits for a boost. I have to lift his 108#.


Yesterday I spent part of the day installing cedar bedding in the horse paddock. Raven LOVED it.



Another GOOD day with my boy. 🙂

Author: dsimas

Rottie Raven, 8-1/2 years old, amputee on 10-27-09 and Miles, rottie mix rescue, hopefully no cancer.

5 thoughts on “Raven is doing really well!”

  1. Good to hear he is feeling good. I see he has you trained to lift him when he wants! Amazing how fast we humans can be taught!!

    Could you try a box or a stair unit to help him get up? He might yet figure out how to get up, but then I would worry about him jumping down. I just built a stair unit for one of my pugs to get up on my bed, she is a quad still but arthritis in her back makes jumping hard.

    Karen & the pug girls

  2. I’m so happy to see that Raven is doing so well and enjoying his life! Every moment you spend with your baby is so precious… cherise every single one. I love the picture of Raven waiting for his boost onto the bed…

    Keep posting updates and pictures/videos of your gorgeous boy! They bring a smile to my face…

    I hope and pray that he is one of the lucky ones and has many, many more happy months, years with his family!!!

    Sending you and your boy a big FAT hug!!!

    Jake’s Mom

  3. So glad to hear that Raven is doing so well!! That is sooo great, enjoy all the wiggles and love. I Love the video. It cracked me up!!

    Give him some tummy scatches….

    Shilo & Alisa

  4. We are very excited you are feeling good Raven! Keep asking for that lift up on the bed! It is important you keep enjoying things you loved before your amputation!

  5. Karen – I have put a wooden box step the entire length of the couch so that he couldn’t just jump around it. Boy, my house looks attractive with that… and the 4 dog beds and sheets over the couch and… I guess that is why I’m single!

    But I would need 2 steps for the height of that bed and I think you are right, he would just jump past it to get out. So, I don’t want to risk it on such a long drop. I live in a studio cottage, so I’m within sight when I put him in the bed and I have to get him out and close the pocket door that divides the bedroom when I leave. *sigh*

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