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Rotti Raven

rottweiler amputee

Rotti Raven

My miracle boy

December 30th, 2009 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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Honestly, every day that Raven still has an appetite, is not uncomfortable, and remains his perky self is a complete miracle. This mass inside his abdomen is so extensive. I don’t even want to take xrays, it would probably be alarming. His belly is a bit distended and his ribcage is popped out a bit when he lays down. He has to eat several small meals and drink small amounts of water at a time. He has to pee every few hours. For weeks, I have had the routine of getting up at 2am and again at 4am to let him out to potty and feed him, he is always happy to get up to eat! He gets two kinds of antibiotics to control infection inside and some gastro meds (prilosec and metoclopromide) to keep things moving. And I have syringes of Dexamethasone (steroid) and BVitamins to give sub-q as needed, which is about every 7 days when he starts to feel a bit lethargic, and it perks him right back up again.

This is basically all hospice care, and working! We never expected him to do so well for so long. I am loving every single moment that my boy feels good and wants to continue to be with me. 🙂

Here’s a video of him begging for his bone chew in the morning…he points me to where the Bone Snacks Live and waits:

And just now, a siren went by on the nearby highway outside…he cannot help himself but to howl. He seems so embarassed at his lack of control afterwards. People’s Court’s theme music has the same effect on him. 🙂

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7 Comments so far ↓

  • krun15

    Way to go Raven- keep fighting and making your mom happy!

    Karen and the pug girls

  • imap1rate

    Keep fighting! We’ll be thinking about you guys!

  • Opie

    Raven, you are the best on so many levels. I am curious about your name. Are there alot of ravens where you live? The raven is probably the smartest bird in the world. You look like you are smart too. Stay strong. –Opie

  • cairasue

    That’s so awesome! Loved the howl! You go Raven.

  • dsimas

    Raven’s name does have a story! It starts with his father, Conner MacLeod Simas. If you are familiar with the movie Highlander, Conner MacLeod was the main character, played by an actor named Christopher Lambert. I knew him and was on location with him in Mexico for another film when Conner was born. 🙂 Then, when Raven was born years later a few weeks *after* Conner died, I name him Raven because by then there was a tv series Highlander and a sequel to it was called Raven. 🙂 And I was told that the Raven symbolizes immortality, which is what the Highlander movies were about. He’s living up to his name so far!

  • Peyton's Path

    Keep up the fight Raven! As long as you are still having good days that is important! Your Mom really loves you! Sounds like she will do anything for you! You are lucky to have each other!

    You really are living up to your name! We are thinking of you!

    Lots of licks,

    (Peyton’s brother)

  • jerry

    Hey Raven, you’re on the right track, and you’re teaching your Mom well. All those lessons we try to teach our pawrents about living in the moment, that’s what you’re doing, right now!

    We think you are pawesome my friend. Here’s to YOU!!!

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