We had a good night

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Raven’s a bed hog. Always has been. Normally, when he starts to crowd me off the bed, I give him a nudge and he scoots over. But the last few weeks, it’s harder for him so I just sleep like a contortionist with my legs hanging over the side and a crook in my neck. 🙂

He also sometimes breathes shallow little breaths at night. I don’t think it’s a permanent lung issue, because other times he breathes normal slow deep breaths. But this restlessness worries me and I don’t sleep so well any more. But last night, he spooned along side me *all night* and slept soundly. Ahhhhh. Then of course I woke up several times thinking he was dead! But I’d feel his warm breath and thank my lucky stars and I slept soundly too.

Last night he was bouncing as I walked in the door, but it was the first meal that he did not finish. He ate it with vigor, but had to lay down I think, more than just not having an appetite. He left some kibbles in the bowl. I put the bowl on the floor (it’s elevated) and he finished. I want him to eat healthy. He gets a raw diet that is for zoo carnivores (I have it for the bobcat), a complete diet of raw meat/organs/bones/vitamins. He’s eating about 30% of that, 40% of kibble, and 30% of rice/cottagecheese/yogurt/raw egg. I am Greek/Turk and making a greek yogurt every few days to always have some for him. I read once that inoperable cancer tumors can be slowed down if you feed them the fuel that they need, so that they don’t consume the hosts body as quickly… Who knows?

Here he is in his usual place this morning after his chew treat. Under the table beside the computer where I browse.




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Author: dsimas

Rottie Raven, 8-1/2 years old, amputee on 10-27-09 and Miles, rottie mix rescue, hopefully no cancer.

6 thoughts on “We had a good night”

  1. I can certainly relate to “sleeping like a contortionist”! Isn’t it great!! Also, it’s great to see Raven in his usual spot this morning. Hope it’s the beginning of a good day.

  2. Holly sometimes makes us sleep like a contortionist, and she’s only 30 pounds, so that phrase takes on a whole new meaning for me when I think about Raven! We’ll keep him in our hearts, and hope for another good night’s rest for both of you tonight!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  3. So wonderful to read this today! I think Raven is starting to wonder what you are doing taking pictures…..”mooooom! I’m just sitting here. Geez.” ha!
    Here’s to more wonderful spooning nights.

  4. My husband and I only have a queen size bed so Emily was never allowed to sleep with us. Until she got cancer, that is. Try two people and a doberman and a min pin in one bed. No one was comfortable except Emily. One in awhile even the lab joined us at the foot of the bed!

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I am always glad to see a post like this from you and Raven.

    I live alone with my 2 pug girls. I have a queen sized bed. When we go to sleep I am in the middle, and they are on their blankets. When I wake up they are in the middle and I am just barely under the covers and right next to the edge. Now the two of them together weigh 34 pounds, I am slightly more so I don’ t know how they accomplish this.
    I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Keep on having those good nights and bouncy mornings.

    Karen and the bed hogs

  6. My hubby and I also have a queen sized bed… and we’ve always had to share with Jake and Wolfie… Once they are asleep… there is NOTHING you can do to make them move! But as long as they were happy, we didn’t care too much that we were uncomfortable… 🙂 What we do for our doggies!

    I’m glad to hear that Raven is doing well!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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