Another rainy day, baked cookies, hanging out.

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Raven had another restless night. Odd, I wish I knew what it was. He fusses and flips sides back and forth and pants now and then. Finally, around 4-5am, he sleeps soundly. I don’t get it. I may try a Tramadol tonight at bedtime and see what that does.

For the first time, Raven hopped to his food bowl this morning, but turned his nose up at it and just looked at me. 🙁 I suspect tummy upset, but he’s not vomitting or even air licking. I needed to dress up the food with more blood from the meat, raw elk steak pieces, and hid his pills in a hard boiled egg. He still gobbled the egg, and ate out the meat and licked the juice, but left the cottage cheese/rice/raw egg/kibble in the bowl. He didn’t want to eat standing up, so he got to eat on the floor. His cat joined him to show him if he didn’t, Cowboy would eat it all for him…



A bit later, I gave him a Metoclopramide (a motily drug that helps nausea). He perked up a bit and hopped around begging to lick the bowl with cookie dough batter. 🙂 As he’d push it away by licking, he’d bite it and pull it back to him. Smart doggy!

Now, he’s just resting in front of the fire. You can see his distended belly (shaved from ultrasounds), and even his ribcage pops up when he lays on his side. But this is not bad, it’s actually pretty okay right now, when off the anti-inflam and antibiotics, it was much worse. Which is why he went to the ER with me thinking it was bloat back on Dec. 6.


So, I’m getting some bookkeeping done, I’m off work today, and just staying ever-so-grateful that he’s not hurting and is just resting and comfortable *right now*. 🙂

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Author: dsimas

Rottie Raven, 8-1/2 years old, amputee on 10-27-09 and Miles, rottie mix rescue, hopefully no cancer.

5 thoughts on “Another rainy day, baked cookies, hanging out.”

  1. I love the picture where Cowboy is sharing the bowl with Raven. For awhile we gave Caira half or quarter dose tramadol to help with the pain, but keep her from being snowed from the medication. Just a thought.
    Take care!

  2. I can’t believe that a rott would share his food bowl with a cat! So much for them being high prey animals! Way, way to cute.
    Debra & Angel Emily

  3. Raven has always shared food with Cowboy. And Raven’s father, and his grandmother before him. They’ve all lived with my cats and it’s a love-fest. 🙂

  4. I love that picture of Raven eating with Cowboy! Who would ever guess that would happen? Very cute!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

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